Thursday, July 8, 2010

Visiting gardens

I'm away from the South Carolina Botanical Garden this summer, tending our mountain garden and visiting gardens elsewhere.   It's a great experience and opportunity for me, to learn from and appreciate other places, but also appreciate our Garden, when we're back home.

Talking with some fellow Garden bloggers at the Buffalo 2010 Meetup, I was reminded of how much we're grounded in our gardens and gardening.  Folks here in Buffalo, who have maybe 4 months of good gardening time, make the most of it -- their pocket gardens in the fronts and sides of houses are packed full of hardy perennials, all in flower now.

GardenWalk, in Buffalo, at the end of July, has over 350 gardens on tour.  Wow.  It's re-energized neighborhoods, rejuvenated blocks, etc.  Nothing not to like about that!

I love the idea of spreading gardens of whatever sort across neighborhoods and cityscapes, creating new vibrant green spaces.