Thursday, March 12, 2009

Turtles and wild geese

Who-hoo! There were three turtles basking on the banks of the meadow pond at midday. This wouldn't be remarkable for the Duck Pond or the Hosta Garden pond, but the meadow pond has quite a history.

Having mostly leaked throughout its ~15 year history, a final comprehensive bentonite treatment seems to have finally resulted in a decent amount of water remaining in the pond. But, now, cattails have colonized one edge, so the willows probably aren't far behind. Herons and wild Canada geese are stopping by, too, so it's getting some notice. I wish I'd checked over the last few warm evenings for frog calls, too.

But I was delighted to see the turtles; hopefully, they're an indicator that the meadow pond is finally stabilizing.

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