Thursday, July 9, 2009

Snell Vegetable Garden

The kitchen garden next to the Discovery Center is looking great, in spite of recent dry weather.

Shepherded by Kathy Bridges, the garden has been converted into a three-season vegetable garden, with cool-season vegetables alternating with traditional warm-season ones. Look for an unusual sort of heirloom okra (Hill Country Red) with extra-wide pods, along with Ronde de Nice and Cocozelle zucchini squash, yard-long beans, purple pole beans, tromboncino squash, cherry tomatoes and recently planted Black Russian tomatoes. Peppers, winter squash, lemon cucumbers, Thai basil, and Genovese basil round out the summer vegetables.

We'll start to change out crops to fall-maturing varieties in late August; in fact, I'll be sowing seeds over the next couple of weeks for transplants for this garden as well as my own, and for a fall vegetable gardening program in mid-August.

We'd love to have volunteer help in this garden for light weeding, harvesting, and planting. Let me or Kathy know if you'd like to help.

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