Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hearts a'bustin

This past week I was lucky enough to walk on the Heusel Trail in the Garden. The road from the Discovery Parking Lot into the arboretum, which leads to the Trail, is one of my favorite areas of the garden (although I do have many, many favorites in the SCBG). Once on the Heusel Trail my eye was drawn to the beautiful fruit of Hearts a'bustin scattered throughout the woods. They are a sure sign of fall for me and their fruit is one of the most dramatic (aside from American Beauty Berry) I know. I didn't have my camera but if you find a small fruit with a pinkish cap and four deep red seeds hanging down you have discovered it. Walking this trail in all seasons is a wonderful treat, if you haven't found it yet you should check it out!

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lkw said...

Aren't the Hearts a Bustin' fruits beautiful this year? I just took some pictures of one here at home this afternoon.