Friday, November 6, 2009

A wonderful pathway planting

My colleague Kathy Bridges, a horticultural staff member, works wonders in the Garden (as do all of our hort staff members, regular and student). She planted this new pathway last spring, and even in early November, it looks great.

A Salvia coccinea cultivar ('Coral Sprite', or something like that) is a highlight (click to enlarge the photo). The plants are huge; Salvia coccinea is a perennial native to the Texas Gulf Coast, so is quite marginal here over winter, so is treated as an annual.

The pink color (not evident here in the harsh light of this mid-day photograph) is lovely, connecting with a group of Encore azaleas at the end of the path.

The S. coccinea selection 'Lady in Red' is a summer stalwart in my home garden as hummingbirds love it, and it happily reseeds various places.

This pathway has had numerous positive comments over this growing season (well-deserved); I just wish I'd managed to get some photos in the early morning!