Friday, January 15, 2010

A Cold January Day

What might be in the Garden to photograph on a cold January day after many hard freezes? There are a number of things, but one just has to look a bit harder. Waiting for you when you enter the Garden might be one of the resident red-shouldered hawks sitting in a tree by the pond. Then walk nearby to see some red berries of the "Winter-red Holly" (Ilex verticillata). From there go to the Children's Garden and be greeted by a "staff" member, Weezy, who is soaking up some winter sun. One group of trees that stand out in the forest at this time of year are the "American Beech" (Fagus grandifolia) since their light brown winter leaves are not lost until the new green ones appear in the spring. Just look and you can find some interesting things in the winter Garden!

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lkw said...

Winter is a wonderful time to enjoy the Garden, to be sure! Your hawk photo is great.