Thursday, October 28, 2010

Children's gardens

We have a wonderful (developing) Children's Garden.

It's been a staff-driven, bottom-up sort of project, supported by generous donations from local garden clubs and our Foothills Master Gardeners, in addition to individual gifts.

We're fortunate to have the work of a gifted gardener, Ginny Steadman, transform the basic plan and suggested ideas into a much more whimsical and engaging space, thanks to support from Sprouting Wings, SCBG Children's Garden, and SCBG Education Programs.

But this support is still shoestring compared to what would be need to truly transform this area (originally shop and support greenhouse, turf sheds, research areas, etc.)  The accounts listed above are open for public contributions, so if you're interested, we'd welcome your support.

Last summer,  I was able to visit a delightful Children's Garden at Phipp's Conservatory It was great fun, and on the perfect scale for their space.

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