Saturday, November 6, 2010

CU student vegetable garden (Ecoplex vegetable garden)

Ecoplex vegetable garden (late October)
The students at the Clemson University Ecoplex (a duplex retrofitted with energy-conserving features) were up for trying a vegetable garden this fall.

They weren't experienced, but game, and following soil prep (and support and encouragement by an committed CU Housing staff member (Gary Gaulin), I helped them plant out transplants of lettuces, mustards, and red cabbage as well as sowing seeds of mesclun mix and other greens in late September.

I was delighted to receive this photo late last week (in addition to reports along the way).

The fall vegetables have been flourishing, and the students report that they've been sharing lettuce and greens with neighbors and others.


Appalachian Feet said...

Congratulations to them, that looks like a nice new gardening success! I hope they stick with it.

lkw said...

Oh, I do, too. Growing vegetables is such a satisfying thing to do.