Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finally a bit of rain

It's been a long dry 'end of summer' period. Most plants are suffering again without additional water, including many established plants. If you planted perennials, shrubs, and trees in the (then rainy) spring, do keep them watered deeply once a week through dry spells like this.

But thanks to irrigation, spring plantings on the walk to the front of the Hayden Conference Center from the Hanover House parking lot are looking fabulous. SCBG horticulturist Kathy Bridges has added an excellent array of long-flowering perennials that look wonderful now - please come take a look!

Late yesterday afternoon, when it started to rain, I was working in my office and activity out the window caught my eye.

Mockingbirds, a group of at least five, were perched in the Gordonia outside enjoying the rain. They were flapping their wings, fluffing their feathers, and definitely looked happy to finally have a bit of a bath.

What fun!

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