Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hydrangea Garden

The Hydrangea Garden, to the left of the service road heading up to the Support Area, has been fabulous all summer. The work of Garden Manager James Arnold, it's the epitome of a wonderful staff-driven project.

James is keen on hydrangeas, and has created this garden as a specialty collection, but it's open to all of our Garden visitors to enjoy. He's actually put in this garden single-handedly, without student crew assistance, much outside funding, or help from other horticultural staff members.

Most recently, he's created a lovely entrance into the Hydrangea Garden from Highway 76.

Our neighbor and friend, retired Microbiology Professor Fred Stutzenberger, is enjoying walking through the Garden on his daily walk back and forth from his office in Long Hall. It's certainly much nicer than crossing at the light and going along Perimeter Road.

The hydrangeas are still flowering, so if you're able, drop by and visit. He's just about got all of the individual plants labelled, and an introductory sign is in. I'll be working with James to do several more small interpretive signs this fall.

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