Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big-leaf magnolia

I haven't managed to take a photograph, but the big leaf magnolia (Magnolia macrophylla) near the back gate to the Arboretum is impressive at the moment. It's in full flower. The large white flowers are striking, and the tree is getting to be a good size.

Big-leaf magnolia has a limited range in nature, occurring in a small area between Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte, NC. Andre Michaux 'discovered' it, and it's among the many species he named.

But it makes an excellent garden tree (we have one in our home garden), and we have a number of them in the Garden. (You'll see their offspring, too, in areas far from the parent trees, thanks to bird dispersal).


gardengirl said...

It is very stunning at the moment. I also noticed the rows of Southern Magnolia along Garden Trail have lots of blooms!

konk said...

My husband & I saw this Big-leafed Magnolia last Sunday & we were totally awed! We've never seen a magnolia blossom so HUGE!! Had my husband take a picture with me beside it for a comparison...the bloom was bigger'n my head!! We always find a "surprise" when we go to the gardens & that was it for that day!! :)