Friday, May 7, 2010

A promethea moth

A beautiful promethea moth appeared on the Bob Campbell Geology Museum porch yesterday morning. Maybe it had emerged nearby, or simply had sought the recessed light of the porch fixtures.

In any case, 1st graders from Pickens Elementary School were delighted to take a look, in between their explorations of the Museum and the Garden.

It was a lucky sighting; these large silk moths aren't so common that we see them frequently.

I didn't have my camera during the day, but returning yesterday evening, I managed to take a not-so-good picture, washed out by the light from the lamp.

Happily, this morning, BCGM staff member Darlene Evans had a fellow butterfly (and moth) enthusiast, Carolyn Turner, take a look, and she moved the moth to a safer spot at the edge of the porch. Hopefully it's out and about this evening!

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