Monday, March 22, 2010

Garden in Flower

I am a new member and this is my first post, so please forgive me as I learn the ropes!

Friday was such a beautiful day that I took 2 neighbor friends to the garden to see what was in bloom now. Of course we started in the Camellia garden and it is in full bloom - the best I have seen it! I always look for the varieties I have purchased at the plant sales for my own garden. We came across this beautiful 8' specimen of Camellia japonica 'Professor Charles S Sargent'! (My own just produced it's first blossom last week on the lowest branch; as I was showing it off to my friends my cat decided to come and rub it off!! Thank goodness I got a picture first...)

Prof 'Sargent'
You can see why I really like this one! This blossom is unbelievable!

Friday was such an unbelievable day - in the 70's - brilliant blue skies and the birds were especially vocal! The Helleborus were enjoying the elbow room they have in the Hosta Garden this time of year and of course daffodils were everywhere!

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gardengirl said...

Thank you for sharing - that was a lovely first post.I want to read more!