Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A haze of green

Warmer weather has brought a concentrated spring (in a flash). The haze of young green leaves surrounds the riparian gallery forest along Hunnicutt Creek, birds of all sorts are singing spring breeding songs, and buds are rapidly expanding into shoots and leaves.

It won't be long before we see our first hummingbirds here (time to get the feeders out). And some of the earliest butterflies have already been spotted.

The spring peepers are singing in the Cherokee Worldview Garden pond, very loudly, and I imagine the shallow Meadow pond is full of frog calls, too. I need to get over there in the evening.


Christine B. said...

I am feeling a bit sorry for myself after reading this post. No singing frogs (our wood frogs are rather quiet as a rule) and no hummingbirds. That's not quite true, but hummers are pretty rare to sight up here at any time of year, let alone right now when there is snow still on the ground.

Christine in Alaska

lkw said...

Just think that you don't already have oak pollen to deal with (achoo!) and have a tremendously long-day growing season to look forward to this summer.

I didn't realize that rufous hummingbirds didn't make it all the way up to Alaska routinely -- but they're way ahead of our ruby-throats this year, in terms of migration.