Saturday, March 13, 2010

An interesting rust fungus

A orange fungus on a red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) caught my eye during this morning's walk - here on the Heusel Nature Trail.

Initially, I though it would be a cedar-apple-rust fungus, but a Google-search revealed that it was likely something else.

There are few more connections on my Natural Gardening post.

It's amazing how many interesting fungi that we can observe. There are shelf fungi (that emerge from dead or declining tree trunks), mushrooms (basidiomycetes) that pop up after damp weather, slime molds (a totally different group of organisms), etc.


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lkw said...

My friend Meg (the Plant Diagnostician at the CU Plant Problem Clinic) says that she and her spouse (another plant pathologist) think this is a jelly fungus, not a rust fungus, but they don't know what species it might be.

It's interesting, regardless!